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Please read through these before joining the IGOE X Copy Trading Service.
(Terms and Conditions can also be found at the bottom of this page to download)

It can take at best just a few hours. You will have to provide proof of address / ID when signing up to the broker account. If they have any further identification requirements then this may slow down the process further.

We have a dedicated account manager at our broker for the IGOE X service – Blueberry Markets to help you with all such issues. Ben can be contacted by email at: ben.clay@blueberrymarkets.com Alternatively you can also use the 24/7 support service online provided by Blueberry via their client portal area.

The 20% performance fee is calculated monthly.

You get to keep 80% of the profits!

The monthly performance fee of 20% is only taken  when above the high threshold.

Every new deposit will incur a 2% management fee.2% management fee is annually recurring on the balance at deposit date.

Trading is a long term game (despite what you see on social media). IGOE X should be thought of as a longer term investment. I suggest you should look at a holding period of between 1 to 3 years.

Yes you can and at any time – you can do this within your traders portal.

Note: You have to have the equity available in your account to do so. You will also be subject to any fees owed by you through trading profits made on the IGOE X service.

You can join the IGOE X service from as little as £100. There is no upper limit.

Expectations are between 25% to 100% per annum but this is not guaranteed.

Please check out the historical and current performance page to see results.

Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Indices

Yes it can and yes it does. In trading you can profit from both falling and rising markets (bearish / bullish) and that is what IGOE X does. So this form of investment can produce smoother, larger returns because of the access and opportunity that gives us.

Yes we do. As a member of IGOE X you can join our exclusive Facebook group where you can talk directly to me as well as other investors in the service. You can also join the monthly ‘investor call’ livestream on @thestophunter YouTube channel where Stephen Hoad reviews the prior months performance, talks about future expectations and developments and opens the floor to any questions you may have. All of these livestreams are recorded and held in a dedicated playlist on that YouTube channel for your reference.

Yes it does – part of IGOE X trading and strategies are automated to cover this (and we are looking to increase this percentage) so it will always trade. All trades are risk managed and monitored 24/7 every day of the week if I am there or not.

Performance fee is taken on realised profits and not the net of realised vs unrealised. This is to make it fair for everyone and how my trading works that allows me to offer this service to you. If I couldnt do it this way then there would be no service.

Unrealised pnl is calculated into the equity calculation – why can it be negative? I keep positions / run various strategies open for various lengths of time. I build positions and I utilise the margin available to make the potential upside returns possible. The unrealised pnl number could flip in just a few days and turn positive. Hypothetically, if I closed all positions at flat you would be sitting on a nice gain!!

The portfolio is also designed for the unrealised pnl to swing a certain amount each day so I can make consistent realised pnl numbers. I control the risk though many quantitative metrics and all variables are managed.
Everything done in IGOE X is based on 30yrs of professional experience not what you see on TikTok! Everything down to the portfolio is optimised. I know 24/7 the numbers of the equity balance figures and also manage them but as their name suggests they are unrealised so until I realise by hitting the close button, then the numbers are just hypothetical.

The balance is the important number in IGOE X trading and is what mine and other traders stats will be measured against. There may be periods when I’m only running positions with positive equity.

Yes we do. You can download them by hitting the button below!

IGOE X Terms and Conditions:

Please make sure you have read through and fully understand the terms and conditions of IGOEX copy trading service before joining: